Tips to Block Sweating and Keep Your Underarms Fresh All Day

Published: 19th March 2010
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Sweating is a natural process. It is the body's mechanism to regulate its temperature. Though it is normal to sweat profusely during a hot and sunny day, almost all people are uncomfortable with it. Sweating, especially excessive sweat, can interfere with our routine work and daily interactions. Sweating excessively can be uncomfortable, but there are some ways on how to block sweating.

If you have a sweat condition like Hyperhidrosis, then it is really hard for you to live a normal life without sweat interfering. There are many quick fixes for this diseases, one is by using antiperspirants. These block the sweat pores and reduce the amount of sweat being excreted, especially in your armpits. Be sure to get one that has aluminum chloride, an active ingredient that blocks pores. Using antiperspirants with ingredients other than these would not assure you of blocking the sweat.

If antiperspirants are not strong enough to block sweating, there are still other solutions that are quite effective. One solution is to use talcum powder with your antiperspirant. Talcum powder is a natural substance that can help in absorbing sweat. When used together with your antiperspirant, it becomes a stronger solution to block off sweat. This combination is usually enough to decrease underarm sweat.

The airflow through your body is also an important factor in preventing excessive sweating. Tight clothing blocks airflow that would otherwise circulate through your body and cooling it. Use loose clothing to prevent sweat from building up excessively. Also, be sure to check your fabrics, as they have different properties when dealing with sweating.

Clothing yourself with natural cloths like cotton is usually recommended. Cotton can absorb your sweat, and this enables your body to become much cooler. Polyester and nylon clothing can do more harm than good when you are sweating excessively. These fabrics do not absorb sweat well, even though they are designed to be breezy.

There are also some extreme methods to block sweat, all of them have their benefits and their potential drawbacks. Removing sweat glands, doing sympathectomy, and iontophresis are only some of the methods. All of these are artificial processes, so they all have their drawbacks. Removing your sweat glands is a permanent solution that is quite promising. You do not have to worry about sweating since the source is removed. The bad thing about this is that they tend to leave nasty scars on your armpit. But then again, if sweating is a problem, this can be a viable solution.

The other method, symphaectomy, removes the link between the sympathetic nerves and the sweat glands. This will eliminate most of the sweat that you would suffer from. Another alternative, ionophresis, works by sending a small electric current to your sweat gland, effectively blocking it. The bad thing is that you need to have the treatment regularly in order to see good results.

Sweating is natural, but if it becomes excessive and is starting to dictate and rule your life, then you must change. Knowing what to do to block sweating is really needed to help you get the best of your life.

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