Facts About Tropical Fish

Published: 21st May 2010
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Collecting fish becomes a hobby for some fish lovers. Before anyone can collect tropical fish as a hobby, one should have knowledge on what kind of fish to be collected and what kind of environment they should be placed.

Here are some information about some tropical fish and determine on what type of tank or environment is suited for your fish.

One common fish that you can found in the fish tank is the goldfish. Goldfish are usually diggers. They commonly spread out the sand over the tank which damages some of the plants in the tank. It is preferable to feed you goldfish numerous times a day but in small quantity. The usual required water temperature for them is around 60 to 75 Fahrenheit. You should not put you goldfish in a small tank. You must purchase food that made especially for goldfish.

Another fish that is popular throughout the world is the betta splendens or Siamese fighting fish. They have been popular for the reason that they are used for fish fighting and for putting in the aquarium. Betta splendens are more suited in a warmer environment which requires water temperature for around 76 to 85 Fahrenheit. They should be placed in a tank or pond that have some plants or in a pond-like environment. It is okay to combined betta to some other fish but make sure not combined them with more aggressive fish. Male betta should not also be combined to another male betta to prevent them fighting.

Oscar is considered as the much wanted and desired fish for most fish collector. This quite large, heavy and intelligent water creature can identify its owner and commonly do the beautification of its habitat. A big tank is needed to place this nice sea creature. Oscar's should not be placed together with other small fish if you don't want them to be eaten by this creature. They should be placed in tank that has 77 to 80 Fahrenheit of temperature.

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