Benefits of Learning Piano For Kids

Published: 21st May 2010
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Studies on the effect of music on kids reveal that music, particularly playing the piano has intellectual benefits on a child. In particular, piano lessons enhance the mathematical ability and the intelligence, in general, of a child.

As parents of course, we would love if our kids' intellectual capacities will be improved by factors aside from the nourishing that we give to them. Letting our kids piano would be one of the many options that can be tried. Kids' piano lesson can be availed if we enroll our kids to music schools. But there are other options available. We the advent of internet technology, we can actually avail online free piano lessons for our kids.

Kids' learning the piano has the following specific benefits:

Such activity enhances the coordination of the kids' body, particularly their hands and feet. Playing the piano requires the use of both hands to press the keyboards and feet to push the pedals. Hence, learning piano skills will be a great factor to develop your kids' body coordination.

Playing the piano also enhances the mathematical skill of a child. Playing and reading music in particular involves the unconscious application of math skills so by learning how to play the piano will improve the kids' mathematical ability as well as analytical skills. Their cognitive development also goes high.

Practicing to learn the piano requires self-discipline, allocating time to practice the piano will surely enhance the kids' discipline. This will also help to develop their self-esteem since they usually undergo some recitals.

This will also make them stronger as a person and have a positive attitude towards life. Discipline and patience during practice brings them lots of confidence towards life and becomes hopeful to more challenges. This will also help them more concentrated and focus in life.

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